Free E-Commerce Application for the first 20 Clients in India.

Yes, you heard it right, is providing a literally free E-commerce Application for your Small-Medium Retail Store.

Source: Google for the first time in the country is providing free E-commerce Applications to the first 20 clients worth at-least 50,000 INR.

What exactly the clients will get?

The client will get an E-Commerce Application and an Admin panel where the client will have to add pictures of their product. All the categories can be created dynamically from the Admin panel. Soon we will solve the headache for using the admin panel as well by giving them the Admin Mobile Application.
We don’t know yet if people know the difference between getting their own mobile application for their retail business and selling their items on Amazon or Flipkart.

How it will help Retailers?

Every retailer knows even if all the products of his store is on the cloud, The potential is Limitless.
Retailers can grow his/her downloads of the application and it doesn’t matter if the application only has 100 downloads and retargeting them again would help them immensely in retaining the customers. By sending push notifications, regular updates, and much more.

Why for free?

It will give us a sense of doing something meaningful, We want to give massive value and this may also mean making the country Digital.

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