The Modern Rules Of School Management Software/Mobile App Features.

Admin Module:

Teaching Staff Admin can see all the teacher list with their profile details, monthly attendance & Time Table. Can Also search teacher by name.

Non-Teaching Staff –  Same as teaching staff admin can see all the non-teaching staff members with their details. Can Also search non-teaching staff members by name.
Students- Same as teaching staff & non-teaching staff admin can see any students detail with Attendance & TimeTable. Search student by class section & name.

AccountsIt will show the income & expenditure of school on Daily, Weekly & Monthly Basis.

Circulars/Announcement  It this, admin can send push notification to the students & teachers for any event or activity.

Annual Event Calendar Admin will add annual events for a single date or multiple, Students & teacher can see events by the dates accordingly.

Admissions  It will show admissions by Today, Weekly & Monthly according to session basis.


Admin can see queries asked by students respectively.

DashboardDashboard has the total number of students, total teachers, total employees, total yearly income and total expenditure on the academic-year basis.

Teacher Module:

Profile Teacher can see their profile with Name, Address, Contact No, Email, Blood Group, Date of Birth, Date of Join, Subject, Responsibility, Permanent Address.

Student Attendance In this teacher will mark attendance of students by class section wise, where he can mark Present, Absent or Late any student respectively.

Attendance this will show the attendance of teacher monthly & total count of per month with the whole year.

TimeTable Time table screen will show time table of teacher (lectures with their respective class) Day will be Mon to Sat vertically & Lectures horizontally.

Circulars/AnnouncementsShows the announcements spread by admin with push notification.

Events user see events added by Admin & also get a push notification of a particular event.

Homework/Assignment the teacher will upload homework for a specific class with a particular time foundation, students will get the notification of home with their deadline

Behaviour NoteIf a teacher has to tell something about any student he can send behaviour note with an option to send it to their class teacher or not. Can send multiple students behaviour note at a time, with behaviour note a notification will be sent accordingly.

Leave Application the teacher can apply for leave with some predefined templates & can also write their own text.


Profile Parents/Students can see their profile with Name, Address, Contact No, Email, Blood Group, Date of Birth, Guardian Name, Permanent Address.

AttendanceParents can see the attendance of student monthly & total count of per month and eventually for the entire year.

TimeTable Students can see the time table with subjects & their respective teacher

NotificationsShows the announcements announced by Admin Mode of Application with push notification.

Circulars/AnnouncementsShows the announcements announced by admin with push notification.

Eventsuser can see events added by Admin & also get a push notification of the particular event.

Homework/Assignment Student will get notifications of homework & also get homework with deadline in this screen.

SyllabusStudent will find their respective syllabus in pdf, text & docs files.

FAQ- In FAQs, there will be some question answer related to student, teacher & school where students can easily get answers to some basic questions.

Important Links Important links has some links provided by admin, on click link you will redirect to your default browser with respected link.

LibraryIn the Library section, there will be three types of documents Subject Books, Additional Books & Sample Papers, students can download & purchase a book.

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