Your Smartphone may be watching you

A College Girl named Deepika (Fictitious name) Receives a call from a Random Guy on Facebook telling her that he likes her and girl simply ignored.

Then after a couple of days the guy again sends a message telling her how beautiful she is and how much he likes her, Deepika blocked her.

Next-Day she receives a message from another facebook account telling that she was looking pretty in the red dress she was wearing today.

Till the time the Deepika had no idea it could possibly be the same guy she got a text the previous day.

Day after day things got weird because at a random day Deepika didn’t go anywhere and still she received a text complimenting her for the Dress.

She frightened when she got to know that the guy knows much more about her than her friends and even family.

She blocked her again but soon after a couple of hours she got a text from another facebook account asking her about the food she had today.

“How on earth this guy knows about my breakfast,” she thought.

Things got worse when the said that he even has pictures of her from her bathroom.

She looks for cameras all over the place, but she finds nothing.

The Girl looked at her phone thinking “this is the only camera in the house”.

Deepika was not a technical girl and understood that something was wrong with her phone, somehow the phone has been hacked.

She thought what she did wrong, she realized she went to hometown last month and her brother (12) was trying to download some movies.

She got new software installed for her smartphone and everything was sorted out soon.


Younger brother while downloading the movie was asked to install a .apk file (it’s a file which can be installed in any android smartphone)

The Application was a simple game, which asked for permissions for location, camera, and microphone.
Everything from her phone calls, images, texts were being sent to the servers in the background, Nowadays the Operating Systems are also very secure but are hackable with some tricks, especially in India.


Just don’t root your android if you don’t know what that could actually do.
check what are the applications using your locations, camera, microphone, texts, and calls.
Uninstall all the applications which are not useful anymore and be very very careful while any new application asks for permissions.

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