Understand The Background Of Mistakes Schools Make Regarding Internet, Now.

Schools don’t take Internet Seriously, they don’t have a Website, Well if they do have they don’t upload stuff 100 times a day.

It’s so surprising that so many schools in our country aren’t making any content on their websites, many of them don’t even have a website.

Making Massive content is a must and every school must give tons of content to the students/parents and even teachers.

We must always look for growth, everyone is. The school website is a must and not even a website every single school must provide a mobile application to all the teachers.

It doesn’t matter if the school is in a village, town, district or a big city. In every area, it would have a massive advantage.

Benefits of making good content even in a town.

Automatically the website would come on Google because you will be making content about how the school is teaching and how the school is different from other schools.



We all know how seriously we take our websites and online presence, we are not at all serious about the business, but on the other hand uploading selfies on Instagram and Facebook is fun to get more likes.


Every single school must blog daily, it’s a must. There are some schools where some principals send WhatsApp messages to the parents on parenting. But they must understand putting a status of whats App about parenting isn’t helping the business.
Because when someone sends a message to WhatsApp its not shared on the school’s website or in a mobile application is a massive mistake everyone is doing.


It’s so surprising that 96% of schools don’t provide a mobile application to its users, It would be so great if parents can see that their child has reached to school safely, he/she is present in the school.
In case if the student is not present in the class parents must get a notification informing them about the child not being present in the school.


This is again one of the most important things to consider that the videos are going to rule the internet in coming years, Why not schools have a Youtube channel and upload their event videos, lecture videos so that everyone in the city would get to know that they are doing a great job.
And if the school is making tons of videos they are just one video away from getting famous across the globe with the power of the INTERNET.

So in the end School in every corner of the country must do these 2 things.

1. Have a website.

2. Make massive content.

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