Programmers aren’t taking care of their spine

Scriptures say that your universe revolves around your spine.
We must remain conscious of our spine and if an individual is more and more aware of it the more he/she will have control over life.

Anyways, today we aren’t going to control life but however, we must discuss how important is it to take care of the spine is especially our programmers or anyone who keeps sitting all day in the office for that matter.

Even the best of best IT companies aren’t investing anything on this thing. But Appzilla wants to talk about it more because healthy programmers mean a happier life.

In any one’s life health is the most important thing and its obvious, one won’t enjoy anything if he/she isn’t feeling well.

Mobile Application Developers, Website Designers, Architect, Manager basically everyone is sitting for 8 long hours in a day which is a major part of the life generally. Now when people are sitting in a posture which is not straight obviously will affect the spine in a longer run.


Well do some exercise and get yourself stronger, not by going to the gym off course, GYM will make your body even stiffer.
We must look for flexible muscles which can be achieved by doing YOGA, No way, you’re going to do it.


Someone said that if something isn’t interesting to you, you will stop doing it. Indeed yoga is boring and no one wants to do it especially the developers and designers.


Going upside down is easy than it looks but its the Mind which doesn’t want you to do that you can look for something which interests you and make it a goal to learn any new trick every month and moving your body in so many postures would make every muscle train.

Below could be a few GOALS


Start with handstand its a basic element but it will take lot of time to master but once handstand is unlocked you will enter a world of shoulder strength where so many things would be possible.

Press Handstand:

Its an Advance stage of handstand where the lower back is used to keep your backside above your head.


Once you are able to do handstands you will soon be able to do push-ups and it’s even about mastering a certain move, Its about the process of growing and learning.


Planche is the world-class element in the game of Human strength, it is one of the most advanced moves and people practices years to get to this level of strength to hold in this position of some seconds.

So, in the end, please go out and have some fun, learn some flips and code.

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