The Ultimate Guide to Project Management

 The Ultimate Guide to Project Management
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Delivering a project is nearly impossible when its a small budget project. So there are couple of things that need to be taken care of before starting a project.
The maximum time we are not clear as a client that what needs to be done we want things to be changed or there could possibly be a new idea in the middle of the project. So theoretically AGILE PROCESS is the best, but people actually think that they are using agile, but practically they are actually using no process at all.
Even if there is a company with 100 employees or even 300 employees.

Another common reason is the effect of our culture, we Indian’s do not want anything to be organized. we’ll feel homesick if things are in order. Yes, it’s true, So what do we do in order to keep the project organized. And we are not talking about the code. Instead, we are talking about the to the management of the project and to be more precise we need to know where the
project is going at what pace and how much time is left.

Tools doesn’t makes any difference:

Using some local tool or some fancy tool is not going to help much, though they are great and are recommended to use in any kind of project. JIRA / Azure DevOps are one of the best in the market.

What we must be focused on is the excel or Google Sheet where initially the project was defined if there was no product backlog.
then the project is blind as a bat and no one is going to get it to deliver for you.

you can get the project backlog done and then the work from somewhere else when you’re aware of what needs to be done and how much has been done would be best for your project.

So, therefore, the project backlog, its module, and sprints must be defined but still, the backlog is the king where we always need to
refer in case of any dispute.

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