This is the best time to develop Food Delivery Application in Lock Down

This is the best time to develop a Mobile Application specifically an application, which can help people to stay home there could be an idea of food delivery application. An application which would deliver daily use stuff to the doorstep.

So many ideas such as an E-Commerce application, Delivery application, service industry application most important things while thinking about the idea of developing a mobile application is to go through about the problem and the solution for the same we are providing with the application.

In Appzilla we have been developing Mobile Applications since many years & have developed food delivery applications, E-Commerce, applications service industry applications School applications mobile application which is targeted to the local people or a local market tier 3 cities locals stop application, itself our and other words we can also say that this thing can help people their homes there are other applications. Which can also be developed help people show me the virus there are systems, wherein if the user of your application comes nearby a predefined location could be a Store notifications. Croma stores owners perspective just think so many people passing by your store getting notifications about the new products. You just got yesterday supplier there is a lot of potential in this kind of applications developed and used by people in India online payments Paytm and other payment gateway used as also pretty much possible these days in South India. There are so many applications which are farming part country people are not that much farming app.

Coming to the food delivery applications key factors which one should keep in mind before developing an application, first of all, we must have an idea about the entire flow of the application.

Types of users

How many types of users would be there and how many types of applications usually there are three user types food delivery application the end-user. Which is the store owner and the delivery boy there is one another user also this particular user would be using an Admin panel also be known as super admin table for maintaining from a web panel.

Signup Process

Then think of how the application would ask users to sign up apart from this one has to think about what kind of exact sign up Google should be there not only that also decide 20 would be and without these fields would not be able to sign up while logging in we can include social login but sometimes Facebook or Google may not provide the values which we are expecting in the sign up forum. In that case once user is successfully authenticated by google user will be redirected to the signup page and the fields or the values which we have received from Facebook or Google would be automatically filled in the sign up form can enter the other mandatory fields which we were expecting sign up form and complete the registration. Then on the homepage think about how do we want to show the categorisation of the food the multiple stores the advertisements assured from the multiple side the store managers can add the wallpapers about their stores application for for that matter also provide an option which could or could not be payable for the store owners.

New Idea

From the product owner point of view, another very interesting Idea could be let’s say there are 10000 downloads in a particular City and on a particular Store only 240 visits per day weekend charge. The store owner so that we can provide our notifications dose uses to his Store and may not have bought anything from the particular store but with these notifications would only be sent the uses they may not have bought anything from the store or have never visited the store. In order to increase sales.

We would request you to contact us and discuss your ideas further and let’s develop an application to change people’s life.

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