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Appzilla Development Company

Appzilla is one of the best mobile app and web development company in UAE because our company provide the best design, develop and deliver high-quality innovative applications and websites. Our Appzilla team always implements the agile development process to deploy the solution instead of using the waterfall process, adhering to the best industry standards and practices. Our team always considered our client’s needs and what they want after to analyzing the whole situation and information we will provide the best services more than their expectations from us.

We build cross-platform, fluid, intuitive mobile apps victimization with-it technologies and follow design-driven development to assist you to reach business goals.

·         Build cross-platform apps for iOS and android ·    Build web Apps with responsive styles. ·     

Our Appzilla company provides several types of facilities are:-

  1. Traveling apps
  2. Taxi apps
  3. E-commerce apps
  4. Food Delivery apps
  5. Grocery apps and etc.

Why agile process is better than the waterfall process?

According to the survey by IT companies, it is proved that Agile is the new typical formula for project success. The majority of projects and development teams are now adopting this methodology.

Another fascinating reality to notice is, with the rise of Agile project management, the usage of the standard waterfall methodology saw a gentle decline.

The waterfall Model is an additional a few methods, wherever one will see progress “flowing” through completely different phases. It’s a consecutive model that fits from demand analysis, design, implementation, testing, and production to maintenance. Once Agile is that the base of development, it tends to deliver visibility, ability, answerableness, and worth at the start of the method and minimizes the risks throughout the project.

If you’re a district of the software system development trade, I’m positive you recognize however project plans modification each day in keeping with the client needs waterfalls methodology, being consecutive in its approach cannot adapt to the frequent modification of project scope.  On the opposite hand, agile project management employs an associate degree iterative approach and is very adaptable to frequent changes.

There are some reasons why the agile process is better than the waterfall process:

  • The waterfall methodology is a Liner ordered Life Cycle Model whereas Agile is a continuous iteration of development and testing within the code development method.
  • Agile methodology is understood for its flexibility whereas waterfall is a structured code development methodology.
  • Agile follows a progressive approach whereas the waterfall methodology is an ordered style method.
  • Agile performs testing at the same time with code development whereas in waterfall methodology testing comes once the “Build” part. `
  • Agile permits changes in project development necessities whereas the waterfall has no scope of adjusting the necessities once the project development starts.

Thatswhy, Our Appzilla team give preference on agile method Because we don’t want to provide bad facilities to our customer which will create a bad impact or bad impression on our company. Which will not good for both of us. After analyzing the whole information and situation then we will make the best decision according to the need of our customers what they want from us. we will give full satisfaction with our work to the customers with their reasonable budget.

Appzilla is a software development company for startups and enterprises. we tend to follow the associate agile software development approach for all types of development projects. At Appzilla, our team of software developers uses agile start an agile Kanban to make sure on-time delivery and gracefulness for projects.

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